​  Our customer's facilities come in all shapes and sizes

  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • ​Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Commercial Buildings​

At Victory Fire Door Inspections we inspect fire doors to ensure compliance with NFPA regulations and will furnish a detailed report of failures and the actions necessary to bring the door into compliance. These reports are provided to the facility owner and the AHJ.

Our Promise

Our Services

We value our customers and believe in providing a quality service at a competitive price.  We take pride in our integrity and hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards.

We believe in being a resource for your facility.  Facility personnel training is key to ensuring proper maintenance and documentation of fire doors.  We offer training classes that include classroom and field training.  Contact us for details.


Fire Door



Education, Training, Resources and Inspections

Fire  DOOR inspections

  Our service includes:

  • Inspect the Door & Door Frame
  • Inspect Hinges
  • Inspect Door Locks
  • Inspect all Fire Exit Hardware
  • Perform an Operational test on the Door
  • Provide Documentation of Findings